• January 27-28th
    Catamaran Hotel
    San Diego, California

    The Third Annual NAD Summit is a gathering for scientists, innovators, patients and enthusiasts within the NAD+community. We are proud to present the first conference featuring NAD+ on the west coast, and look forward to this event playing an important role in the evolution of NAD+.


    The NAD Summit is presented by the Center for Research on Addiction and Brain Health, in collaboration with the NAD Treatment Center, Springfield Wellness Center and ChromaDex. We have invited the leading scientists, doctors and thought leaders in the space with the joint goal of progress and innovation. Audiences from all backgrounds are welcome to learn and network while enjoying the beautiful beach and water activities at the Catamaran Hotel in San Diego, California.

    Contact tara@brainresearch.center for more information.


    NAD is a molecule that gives life.



    NAD is used for energy production and helps support healthy mitochondrial function.



    DNA breaks occur on a daily basis, even with a healthy lifestyle. NAD is crucial for DNA repair.



    NAD activates Sirtuin enzymes, which can turn off the genes that age us.

  • What is NAD+?

    NAD is a co-enzyme, signal molecule and neurotransmitter that is used by every cell in your body. Clincians having been using intravenous NAD to help individuals detoxify from chemical dependencies, aid in the reduction of the symptoms of most chronic conditions, and most recently has been used as a potential aging therapy.

  • How can NAD improve your clinical practice?

    Hear what patients are saying about intravenous NAD.

    Chronic Conditions

    Assisting Relief from Parkinson's Disease

    Many have found a reduction in symptoms from chronic conditions, especially the conditions possibly stemming from mitochondrial dysfunction, with intravenous NAD. Individual results will vary.


    Support Detoxification from Chemical Dependencies

    Since the 1960's, physicians having been helping individuals detoxify from alcohol and opiates with minimal withdrawal symptoms and reduced cravings. Read more detoxification with IV NAD.


    Support Healthy Aging and Life Extension

    Individuals from 30 years of age to 70 have felt the revitalizing effects of NAD. Hear what these individuals have to say.

  • Discounted rooms are available for conference attendees and guests.

  • Keynote Speakers

    You won't want to miss this line up of speakers.

    Dr. Ross Grant, Ph.D

    Clinical Associate Professor, Sydney Medical School &

    CEO Australasian Research Institute

    One of the leading scientists in the NAD+ community, Dr. Grant is particularly interested in correcting early degenerative changes in the brain and central nervous system.

    Richard Mestayer, III, MD

    Springfield Wellness Center, Medical Director

    NAD Research, Inc, Founder and Medical Director

    Dr. Mestayer is the authority on NAD IV Treatment Administration, the Co-Founder of BR+NAD Treatment and the developer of all BR+NAD protocols used widely by physician Diplomats and Fellows of BR+MD Consultants.

    Phillip Milgram, MD

    Medical Director of the NAD Treatment Center

    With over almost 30 years experience in addiction medicine, Phillip Milgram, MD, has been helping others regain their life through NAD+ therapy.

    Tom Ingoglia

    Founder of the Center for Research on Addiction and Brain Health

    After discovering the impact of NAD+ therapy, Tom made it his mission to help others by diving into research of unconventional therapies.

    Dr. Charlie Brenner

    Roy J. Carver Chair and Head of Biochemistry, University of Iowa
    Chief Scientific Advisor, ChromaDex, Inc

    Dr. Brenner is a leading authority on NAD metabolism and the discoverer of nicotinamide riboside as an unanticipated vitamin precursor of NAD.

  • Our Proud Sponsors

    We would like to give a special thanks to those who made this event possible.