• Agenda

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    Friday 26th

    4:30pm - Registration

    6:30pm - Cocktail Reception

    Saturday 27th

    7:30am - Registration

    8:45am - Presentations

    12:15pm - Lunch

    1:15pm - Presentations

    6:00pm - Cocktail Reception

    7:00pm Gala Dinner

    Sunday 28th

    7:30am - Registration

    8:45am - Presentations

    12:00pm - Lunch

    1:00pm - Presentations

    3:00pm - Adjournment

  • Speakers

    A class of innovators and leaders.

    Charles Brenner, Ph.D

    Roy J. Carver Chair and Head of Biochemistry, University of Iowa
    Chief Scientific Advisor, ChromaDex, Inc

    Dr. Brenner is a leading authority on NAD metabolism and the discoverer of nicotinamide riboside as an unanticipated vitamin precursor of NAD.

    Ross Grant, Ph.D

    Clinical Associate Professor, Sydney Medical School & CEO Australasian Research Institute

    Dr Grant is a Biochemical Pharmacologist with a major research interest in the role of lifestyle associated oxidative stress and changes in NAD+ metabolism and how these influence cellular degeneration, particularly in the brain and central nervous system with a primary goal to correcting early degenerative changes.

    Jade Berg BMSc MPH PhD

    Post Doctoral Research Fellow
    Centre for Healthy Brain Aging Project

    Dr. Jade Bergs research has focused on the influence of various nutritional elements on CNS inflammation, oxidative damage and concentrations of the essential NAD+ molecule. She was the first to show in humans that NAD+ decreases in the CNS with age. Dr. Berg is currently working towards elucidating the best method of maintaining CNS NAD+ levels across the lifespan and the promotion of healthy brain aging through lifestyle.

    Dr. Nady Braidy

    Post Doctoral Research Fellow

    Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing

    Dr. Nady Braidys research has focused on the NAD+ metabolome in age-related diseases. He has studied small molecules which indirectly activate SIRT1 and recently identified a common mechanism by which all these molecules allosterically activate an NAD+-synthetic
    enzyme leading to increased NAD+ levels and higher SIRT1 activity.

    Michael Payne, MS, CRC, CNS

    Living Well Today, Founder

    The Solamar Solution, Creator

    Michael Payne graduated from Medical College of Virginia with a master’s degree in rehabilitation and specializes in neuro-immune dysfunction. Withadvanced studies in Homotoxicology, Functional Medicine and Scalar Wave
    Integration, Michael has created the most advanced method for Energetic
    Rehabilitation available. With the synergistic blend of Functional Medicine, Restorative Endocrinology and Phot-Dynamic Therapy and Brain Restoration, Michael is considered as an
    international innovator in auto-immune and neurological rehabilitation.

    Richard Mestayer, III, MD

    Springfield Wellness Center, Medical Director

    NAD Research, Inc, Founder and Medical Director

    Dr. Mestayer has been a practicing psychiatrist at Ochsner Hospital in New Orleans from 1978 to 2005 and since then at Springfield Wellness to the present. He is the authority on NAD IV Treatment Administration, the Co-Founder of BR+NAD Treatment and the developer of all BR+NAD protocols used widely by physician Diplomats and Fellows of BR+MD Consultants

    Paula Mestayer, M.Ed., LPC, FAPA

    Springfield Wellness Center, Founder

    Holds two graduate degrees from Tulane University, Is a long standing Fellow of the American Psychotherapy Association and a practicing psychotherapist with 38 years experience. She opened the first NAD IV center in the U.S. in 2001 and is the Founder and Director of Springfield Wellness Center, the longest operating IV NAD+ treatment center in the U.S. and is Co-Founder of BR+NAD Treatment for Brain Restoration.

    Ann Rodgers

    NAD Center Management LLC

    NAD Center Management, LLC, created the first treatment center for NAD in California. She is a pioneer in NAD treatment with a passion for wellness and transformation. As an educator and healer, Ann has led seminars in over 130 cities in the US. She provided the landmark videos that accelerated the introduction of NAD to physicians and patients worldwide in 2013. Ann has been developing and advancing NAD treatment programs full-time since 2010.

    Vince Giuliano

    Ph.D Computer Science, Harvard

    Co-Author of Anti-Aging Firewalls

    A previous founding dean and professor State University of New York, and a senior consultant working in a variety of fields, Vince Giuliano received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Harvard University. In various ways, he has contributed to the Computer Revolution starting in the 1950s and the Internet Revolution starting in the late 1980s. Now engaged in The Longevity Revolution, Vince has published over 200 books and papers, as well as over 430 substantive blogs regarding to science. 

    Phillip Milgram, MD

    NAD Treatment Center, Medical Director

    With over almost 30 years experience in addiction medicine, Phillip Milgram, MD, has been helping others regain their life through NAD+ therapy.

    Tom Ingoglia

    Center for Research on Addiction and Brain Health, President

    NAD Treatment Center, Business Director

    After discovering the impact of NAD+ therapy, Tom made it his mission to help others by opening a wellness clinic, the NAD Treatment Center, in the heart of San Diego. Tom founded the Center for Research on Addiction and Brain Health to investigate the mechanisms of NAD+ therapy and it's effect on cellular regeneration.